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Growth kinetics of Pseudomonas sp. Ind01 on acephate as a sole source of C, S and N.

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posted on 2012-04-04, 02:21 authored by Aleem Basha Pinjari, Boris Novikov, Yohannes H. Rezenom, David H. Russell, Melinda E. Wales, Dayananda Siddavattam

(a) Growth kinetics on MM1 (white squares), MM2 (black circles) and MM3 (black triangle) media, supplemented with 10 mM acephate. Growth on control MM1 medium w/o acephate is represented by open triangles. (b) Acephate degradation (solid lines, black marks) and methamidophos accumulation (dashed lines, white marks) during growth on MM1 (circles), MM2 (triangles) and MM3 (diamonds) media, supplemented with 10 mM acephate. The concentration of acephate in control uninoculated MM1 medium is represented by black squares. Each data point represents the average values and error bars are the standard deviation (n = 3).