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Gravistimulation enhanced balance between initiation and development.

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posted on 19.11.2008, 01:56 by Mikaël Lucas, Yann Guédon, Christian Jay-Allemand, Christophe Godin, Laurent Laplaze

(A) Initiation density and emerged lateral root density were scored for plants gravistimulated according to the gravistimulation protocol presented in [15]. The results are given for primordia located in gravistimulated zones. Measurements were normalized in regard to the emergence density of non-gravistimulated plants. Each data point corresponds to a set of more than 20 seedlings. Non-gravistimulated Col-0 seedlings were used as a control group. (B) Emergence of lateral roots in gravistimulated roots. White bar: emerged lateral root percentage. Gray bar: non-emerged primordia percentage. Non gravistimulated Col-0 seedling were used as a control. (C) Distribution of primordia developmental stages for the 24 h time between gravistimulation treatment. White bar: primordia appearing and developing between gravistimulation (n = 72). Black bar: primordia appearing and developing in root turns (n = 373). (D) Initiation and emergence densities predicted by the mechanistic model with the added hypothesis of a drop of ET under gravistimulation.


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