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Genome-wide di values displaying significance of ECA11 across draft breeds and the Miniature Horse.

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posted on 2013-01-17, 01:54 authored by Jessica L. Petersen, James R. Mickelson, Aaron K. Rendahl, Stephanie J. Valberg, Lisa S. Andersson, Jeanette Axelsson, Ernie Bailey, Danika Bannasch, Matthew M. Binns, Alexandre S. Borges, Pieter Brama, Artur da Câmara Machado, Stefano Capomaccio, Katia Cappelli, E. Gus Cothran, Ottmar Distl, Laura Fox-Clipsham, Kathryn T. Graves, Gérard Guérin, Bianca Haase, Telhisa Hasegawa, Karin Hemmann, Emmeline W. Hill, Tosso Leeb, Gabriella Lindgren, Hannes Lohi, Maria Susana Lopes, Beatrice A. McGivney, Sofia Mikko, Nicholas Orr, M. Cecilia T. Penedo, Richard J. Piercy, Marja Raekallio, Stefan Rieder, Knut H. Røed, June Swinburne, Teruaki Tozaki, Mark Vaudin, Claire M. Wade, Molly E. McCue

Output of the di calculation for draft breeds and the Miniature Horse. The di value is plotted on the y axis and each autosome is shown in the x axis in alternating colors. Each dot represents one 500 kb window. The dashed horizontal line represents the 99th percentile of the empirical distribution of di for each breed.


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