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Genetic resistance and tolerance to Chlamydia infection in mice.

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posted on 2012-03-16, 02:03 authored by Isao Miyairi, Jesse Ziebarth, Jonathan D. Laxton, Xiaofei Wang, Nico van Rooijen, Robert W. Williams, Lu Lu, Gerald I. Byrne, Yan Cui

Plot of weight change as a function of IFU for 197 BXD mice infected with C. psittaci. Mice with the susceptible D genotype at the Ctrq3 (open symbols) lose weight as pathogen load increases, while mice with the resistant B genotype at the Ctrq3 marker (filled circles) do not. The slopes of the linear regression lines for the B (solid line) and D (dashed line) data are significantly different (p = 0.02).