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Genes exhibiting high interindividual variance in methylation values in the human placentas.

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posted on 2009-10-19, 02:36 authored by Ryan K. C. Yuen, Luana Avila, Maria S. Peñaherrera, Peter von Dadelszen, Louis Lefebvre, Michael S. Kobor, Wendy P. Robinson

(A) Heat-map of 19 genes with at least 2 probes having methylation variance greater than 1.5 SD from the mean. Probes and sample names are shown and with hierarchical clustering of beta values based on 1-r (Illumina Beadarray software). A beta value of zero (indicated in bright green) represents an unmethylated locus and one (indicated in bright red) represents a methylated locus. Probes for genes on the X chromosome are highlighted by a yellow box and the probes being further investigated here are bolded in blue. (B and C) Validation of variable methylation by bisulfite pyrosequencing for (B) WNT2 and (C) EPHB4. CpG sites that are targeted by the Illumina probes are highlighted in red. One methylated sample and one unmethylated sample are shown for each gene. Reference pyrograms are shown on top.


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