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GSK933776 plasma pharmacodynamics.

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posted on 2015-03-19, 04:52 authored by Niels Andreasen, Monica Simeoni, Henrik Ostlund, Pia I. Lisjo, Tormod Fladby, Amy E. Loercher, Gerard J. Byrne, Frances Murray, Paul T. Scott-Stevens, Anders Wallin, Yinghua Y. Zhang, Lena H. Bronge, Henrik Zetterberg, Agneta K. Nordberg, Astrid J. Yeo, Shahid A. Khan, Jan Hilpert, Prafull C. Mistry

A) Geometric mean plasma Aβ concentration–time plots over the three dosing intervals (semi-log plot). Plasma levels of total Aβ42 and Aβ increased whereas plasma levels of free Aβ decreased in dose-dependent manner. Peak:trough ratios for Aβ decreased with increasing dose of GSK933776. B) Week 12 ratio to baseline for CSF Aβ (Aβ1–42 and AβX–42) concentrations. Presented as individual values and mean (95%CI). There were no significant changes from baseline for Aβ1–42 or AβX–42.