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Functional characterization of hTAAR1 interacting with different trace amines.

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posted on 2011-10-31, 02:22 authored by Gunnar Kleinau, Juliane Pratzka, Daniela Nürnberg, Annette Grüters, Dagmar Führer-Sakel, Heiko Krude, Josef Köhrle, Torsten Schöneberg, Heike Biebermann

HEK293 cells transiently transfected with hTAAR1 and were incubated for 45 minutes with 10 mM of PEA, OA and TYR. Basal signaling activity as well as activation of the Gs protein/adenylyl cyclase pathway was determined by AlphaScreen technology. Data represent mean ± SEM of cAMP accumulation after stimulation from 4–5 independent experiments performed in triplicates. TAAR1 showed an elevated ligand independent basal activity. PEA was the most potent agonist (p<0.01), followed by TYR (p<0.05) and OA (p<0.05). Data were analyzed using a paired one-tailed t-test.


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