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Fold change relationship of differential gene expression.

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posted on 2012-05-22, 01:37 authored by Matias Mosqueira, Gabriel Willmann, Ulrike Zeiger, Tejvir S. Khurana

The 230 differentially expressed genes were divided into four different sets according to their expression over time. The abscissa represents the fold change of the CH transcript expression profile, and the ordinate represents the fold change of the REC transcript expression profile. The first quadrant (I) shows one gene (circle) up-regulated in both CH and REC. The second quadrant (II) shows the 202 genes (square) up-regulated during CH and down-regulated after REC. The third quadrant (III) shows the 9 genes (triangle) down-regulated in both CH and REC conditions. The fourth quadrant (IV) shows 18 genes (diamond) which are down-regulated during CH and up-regulated after REC.