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Figure 6

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posted on 2008-12-29, 01:09 authored by Elaine J. Gavin, Bo Song, Yuan Wang, Yaguang Xi, Jingfang Ju

(A) Western immunoblot analysis of p53 and p21 expression after Orc6 knockdown by siRNA in both HCT-116 (wt-p53) cells (lane 1, non-specific control; lane 2, specific siRNA for Orc6) and HCT-116 (null-p53) cells (lane 3, non-specific control; lane 4, specific siRNA for Orc6). (B) Western immunoblot analysis of phosphorylated p53 expression at ser-15 in both cytoplasmic and nuclear fraction in control HCT-116 (wt-p53) cells (lane 1, cytoplasmic; lane 2, nuclear) and HCT-116 (wt-p53) cells treated with siRNA against Orc6 (lane 3, cytoplasmic; lane 4, nuclear). Total p53 protein expression levels were used as control protein in nuclear fractions and α-tubulin was used as control for cytoplasmic fractions.