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posted on 2013-02-21, 07:43 authored by Arlene E. Dent, Elke S. Bergmann-Leitner, Danny W. Wilson, Daniel J. Tisch, Rhonda Kimmel, John Vulule, Peter Odada Sumba, James G. Beeson, Evelina Angov, Ann M. Moormann, James W. Kazura

Box plot of GIA distribution for each parasite line tested (D10, 3D7, and FVO) with only children's plasma samples (n = 98) divided by age group: 1–4 years (n = 28), 5–9 years (n = 48), and 10–14 years (n = 22). The youngest age group consistently had higher growth inhibition compared to children in older age groups (Mann-Whitney test).