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Expression profile of isolated Sca1+, PECAM1+ and PECAM1+/Sca1+

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posted on 2013-01-04, 01:18 authored by Julia Etich, Vera Bergmeier, Christian Frie, Sandra Kreft, Lena Bengestrate, Sabine Eming, Cornelia Mauch, Beate Eckes, Hikmet Ulus, Frances E. Lund, Gunter Rappl, Hinrich Abken, Mats Paulsson, Bent Brachvogel

cells. Marker expression in the sorted cell populations isolated from dermis or wounds seven days post injury. (A) Relative mRNA expression levels of perivascular (Desmin, Pdgfrb, Angpt1), endothelial (Angpt2, Tie2, Pecam1), progenitor cell-specific markers (Sca1, Cd34) and of the CD38 receptor (Cd38) were determined by semiquantitative RT-PCR in non-hematopoietic Sca1+, PECAM1+ and PECAM1+/Sca1+ cell populations. The band intensities of the electrophoretic gels were processed and quantified using Image J software. The relative expression intensity of the individual genes compared to Gapdh is given. The lack of Sca1 or Pecam1 expression in sorted PECAM1+ or Sca1+ cells demonstrated the purity of the cell fractions. (B) Flow cytometric detection of TIE2, CD34, CD38 expression at the cell surface of Sca1+ (red), PECAM1+ (green) and PECAM1+/Sca1+ (black) cells isolated from dermis or full thickness wounds seven days post injury.