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Effect of osmotic pressure on colony formation in melanoma.

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posted on 2014-04-07, 03:44 authored by Alessandro Taloni, Alexander A. Alemi, Emilio Ciusani, James P. Sethna, Stefano Zapperi, Caterina A. M. La Porta

a) The cumulative distributions of colony size obtained from IgR39 cells under 1 kPa osmotic pressure with respect to the control (0 kPa). The curves are the fit with a continuous time branching process model (see Ref [42]) yielding a division of rate of that is reduced to under osmotic pressure. b) The average value of the colony size distribution with the associated standard error for IgR39 and IgR37 cells. Statistically significant results according to the KS test () are denoted with *. c) The images show two representative examples of the colonies for 0 kPa and 1 kPa conditions.