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Effect of V-ATPase subunit a1 and B2 knockdown on surfactant secretion by alveolar type II cells.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 02:42 authored by Narendranath Reddy Chintagari, Amarjit Mishra, Lijing Su, Yang Wang, Sahlu Ayalew, Steven D. Hartson, Lin Liu

(A) Freshly isolated type II cells were transduced without (Blank Con) and with adenoviruses (MOI: 100) containing irrevelant siRNA sequences (AdCon), or siRNAs targeted to a1 (AdVoa1) and B2 (AdV1B2) subunits for 5 days. Cell lysates were immunoblotted for a1 and B2 proteins. The blots were reprobed for GAPDH for confirming equal loading of protein. (B) Type II cells were cultured on air-liquid cultures system. The cells were transduced with adenoviruses at a MOI of 100 on day 2 and cultured for 5 more days. The cells were labeled with [3H]-choline on day 6 overnight, then stimulated with 1 mM ATP for 2 hrs and assayed for surfactant secretion. The results were expressed as a percentage of unstimulated cells transduced with AdCon. Data shown are means ± SE (n = 4 independent cell preparations).


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