Dorsal axial skeleton of Eretmorhipis carrolldongi gen. et sp. nov, as seen in the holotype (WGSC V26020).

A, anterior dorsal region; B, posterior dorsal region; C, pattern of dermal ossicle distribution. Colors: black, unidentified elements; brown, neural arch and first neural spine segment; dark blue, vertebral centra; green, second neural spine segment; light blue, rib; light brown, diapophysis; light green, limb elements; light yellow, girdle elements; mint green, dorso-craniad extension of parapophysis; orange, lateral gastral elements; pink, second layer of dermal armor; purple, hemal arch and spine; red, first layer of dermal armor; red-purple, third layer of dermal armor; white, median gastral elements; yellow, parapophysis. Vertebral position is indicated by numbers starting with d, indicating ‘dorsal’, while enl. denotes enlarged second layer dermal armor elements. Hatched areas are damaged. Scales are 1 cm long.