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Design of round-robin cross to map salt and caffeine resistance.

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posted on 08.01.2015, 03:29 authored by Sebastian Treusch, Frank W. Albert, Joshua S. Bloom, Iulia E. Kotenko, Leonid Kruglyak

(A) Phenotyping of 65 diverse strains. Growth under the indicated condition (YPD plus 1 M sodium chloride (NaCl) or 15 mM caffeine) was adjusted for growth under the permissive YPD condition (S1 Table). We picked strains (filled symbols) that are representative of the genetic and phenotypic diversity and crossed them according to a round-robin design (B). Strains were crossed independent of phenotype and genetic relationship. Strain name colors indicate mating type (Green  =  MATa, Red  =  MATα).