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Dendrogram of the rumen bacterial population analysed by T-RFLP(a) or NGS(b).

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posted on 2014-07-22, 02:55 authored by Gabriel de la Fuente, Alejandro Belanche, Susan E. Girwood, Eric Pinloche, Toby Wilkinson, C. Jamie Newbold

Dendrogram using the combination of Manhattan distances and UPGMA (unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean) of T-RFLP (peaks in the amplicons of 16S rRNA gene digested using HhaI, HaeIII, MspI and RsaI (dendrogram shows amalgamation of data from all four enzymes) or NGS (OTU matrix from Ion Torrent data). Genomic DNA was obtained from rumen samples from 8 animals (A1 to A8) either protozoa-free (P1, crosses), faunated with holotrich protozoa (P2, black triangles) o with a complete protozoal population (P3, black squares).