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Deletion of the S. bayanus HMR-E resulted in loss of silencing.

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posted on 07.11.2008, 01:56 by Leonid Teytelman, Michael B. Eisen, Jasper Rine

Mating test of MATα strains to MATa tester strain (JRY2726). Disruption of silencing changed the mating type of the MATa strains to nonmating phenotype of a/α diploid. Two independently constructed S. bayanus hmr-e deletion strains (JRY8785, JRY8786) lost silencing to the same extent as the S. bayanus sir2Δ strain. The parental HMR-E strains (JRY8781, JRY8782) mated as efficiently as the S. cerevisiae control (JRY2728).