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DPSC cultures differentiate into neural crest non-mesenchymal lineages.

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posted on 2011-11-08, 01:32 authored by Kajohnkiart Janebodin, Orapin V. Horst, Nicholas Ieronimakis, Gayathri Balasundaram, Kanit Reesukumal, Busadee Pratumvinit, Morayma Reyes

(B and D) Neuronal-induced cells stained positively for neuronal markers; N-CAM ( in green), and GABA (in red). (F) DPSCs in smooth muscle differentiation media showed smooth muscle-like phenotype that stained positively for smooth muscle actin (in red). (A, C, and E) Undifferentiated cells in stem cell media at day 21 did not stain positively for any of the three differentiation markers. DAPI used for nuclei staining is depicted in blue. Scale bars indicate 100 µm.