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Cytotoxicity induced by C. difficile toxins in CDI patient sera.

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posted on 2015-04-17, 05:30 authored by Hua Yu, Kevin Chen, Jianguo Wu, Zhiyong Yang, Lianfa Shi, Lydia L. Barlow, David M. Aronoff, Kevin W. Garey, Tor C. Savidge, Erik C. von Rosenvinge, Ciaran P. Kelly, Hanping Feng

Cell rounding was observed under microscopy in two serum samples from Case I (A, A’) and Case II (B, B’) by cell-based assay on mRG1-1 cells (A, B) and Vero cells (A’, B’). Cells cultured in medium were as negative controls. TcdA (50 pg/ml with A1H3)-treated mRG1-1 cell and TcdB (25 pg/ml)-treated Vero cell were served as positive controls. The sera (1:10 dilution) were added to cells and cell morphology changes were observed under a phase-contrast microscope.