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Consumption of AMPs at day 7 and 21 postpartum in case-control infants.

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posted on 2015-02-02, 03:00 authored by Stephanie Trend, Tobias Strunk, Julie Hibbert, Chooi Heen Kok, Guicheng Zhang, Dorota A. Doherty, Peter Richmond, David Burgner, Karen Simmer, Donald J. Davidson, Andrew J. Currie

Data show calculated consumed dose of (A) LF and (B) HBD1 in LOS infants (closed circles) or non-LOS infants (open circles) in the case-control study at day 7 (n = 19 each) and day 21 postpartum (n = 14 and n = 17, respectively), based on measured concentrations of AMPs in breast milk and reported milk consumption for each infant not consuming PDHM at the two time points on a log scale. Zero values calculated at day 7 (6 LOS, 7 non-LOS) and day 21 (4 LOS, zero non-LOS) were assigned a value of 0.01 for illustration purposes on the log scale. *p<0.05 comparing matched pairs.