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Conserved positions encoded by UGA in Hodgkinia correspond to tryptophan (W) in other Proteobacteria.

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posted on 2009-07-17, 00:24 authored by John P. McCutcheon, Bradon R. McDonald, Nancy A. Moran

M. loti (Mloti), C. crescentus (Ccres), P. denitricans (Pdeni), R. rubrum (Rrubr), E. litoralis (Elito), P. ubique (Pubiq), and R. rickettsii (Rrick) are all α-Proteobacteria; E. coli (Ecoli), γ-Proteobacteria; N. meningitidis (Nmeni), β-Proteobacteria; and G. metallireducens (Gmeta), δ-Proteobacteria. Partial sequences from the proteins DnaE (DNA polymerase III, α subunit), RpoB (RNA polymerase, β subunit), and RpoC (RNA polymerase, β′ subunit) are shown; the positions indicated at the top of the alignments are from the Hodgkinia proteins.