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Complex III activity in 2 Gy-irradiated compared to sham-irradiated mitochondria.

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posted on 2011-12-08, 01:30 authored by Zarko Barjaktarovic, Dominik Schmaltz, Alena Shyla, Omid Azimzadeh, Sabine Schulz, Julia Haagen, Wolfgang Dörr, Hakan Sarioglu, Alexander Schäfer, Michael J. Atkinson, Hans Zischka, Soile Tapio

Complex III activity was decreased significantly (11%; p≤0.05) in irradiated samples. It was measured by the reduction of cytochrome c at 550 nm in the presence or absence of antimycin (Complex III inhibitor). Four independent biological replicates were used. *p≤0.05, t-test. The error bars represent standard error (SEM).