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Comparison of TU-counting and qPhage.

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posted on 2009-12-17, 00:27 authored by Emmanuel Dias-Neto, Diana N. Nunes, Ricardo J. Giordano, Jessica Sun, Gregory H. Botz, Kuan Yang, João C. Setubal, Renata Pasqualini, Wadih Arap

(A) Representation of phage genome and relative location of the cloning site and two sets of primers used. Primer set #1 targets the TetR gene and was used for quantification with real-time PCR; primer set #2 flanks the insert coding for the peptide displayed in pIII, and served for large-scale sequencing (B and C, respectively). TU-counting and qPhage titration output [determined by cycle-thresholds (Ct)]; note the limited quantification range for TU-counting relative to qPhage. Comparative results of TU-counting and qPhage titration of Fd-tet (D) and RGD-4C phage (E) are shown. Asterisk indicates that the high bacterial density prevented accurate TU determination.


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