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Community-based geographical distribution of MPM genotypes from humans and water bodies.

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posted on 2015-01-22, 02:43 authored by Charles A. Narh, Lydia Mosi, Charles Quaye, Christelle Dassi, Daniele O. Konan, Samuel C. K. Tay, Dziedzom K. de Souza, Daniel A. Boakye, Bassirou Bonfoh

The map of study communities was drawn using ArcMap 10. Rectangular and circular callouts contain genotypes of MU detected in humans and the environment respectively. Intersection of callouts contain genotypes common to both sources. Red triangle (in Sukuumu) represents MU-positive animal. Genotypes W, X, Y and Z were found both in the environment and human population. The Offin River is represented by blue dotted lines and contact sites on it are represented by green squares. Communities are represented by symbol for a house and other sampled water bodies are represented by colored dots as defined in the legend.