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Co-exposure to C. albicans induces Th17 cells in the joint.

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posted on 2012-06-12, 01:38 authored by Renoud J. Marijnissen, Marije I. Koenders, Frank L. van de Veerdonk, John Dulos, Mihai G. Netea, Annemieke M.H. Boots, Leo A.B. Joosten, Wim B. van den Berg

The mRNA expression of T-bet, GATA-3, RORγT and FOXP3 in synovial biopsies of the knee joints (n=3 mice/group) were measured by QPCR (A) The mRNA expression of IFNy, IL-17A, IL-17F, IL-21, IL-22 and IL-10 are shown (B). The knee joint synovium was dissected and prepared for enzymatic digestion. The cells were incubated with PMA/ionomycine and Golgiplug for 5 hours before flowcytometric analysis (n=6 mice/group) and stained for CD3, IL-17, and IFN-γ. Representative dot plots of the isolated cells gated on CD3+ are shown (C). The mean percentage of isolated IFN-γ and IL-17 producing T cells (CD3+ population) are shown (D). Results are mean ± SEM; ns=non significant *=P<0.05, **=P<0.01, by one-way ANOVA.