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Chart showing the annotations of 289 enzymes present in dEMBF that are putatively involved in lipid biosynthesis in fifteen algal species.

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posted on 2016-01-05, 14:56 authored by Namrata Misra, Prasanna Kumar Panda, Bikram Kumar Parida, Barada Kanta Mishra

The dark grey sector indicates the total number of enzymes with functional annotations available from JGI database, but was further evaluated in this study for confirmation or assignment of any missing functional features. The light grey sector indicates the total number of previously uncharacterized enzymes from JGI, for which putative functions were predicted based on UniProt annotations. The medium grey sector indicates the number of enzymes for which no annotations were available in JGI as well as in UniProt. A putative function for each of these enzymes was predicted using various bioinformatics tools. The values inside the chart refer to the total number of enzymes while the values outside the chart indicate the distribution of the enzymes per organism. The names of the fifteen microalgae are indicated in the right panel with different color codes for each species.