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Cells lacking STP2 show reduced survival during phagocytosis and reduced capacity to kill RAW264.7 macrophages.

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posted on 2014-03-13, 10:17 authored by Slavena Vylkova, Michael C. Lorenz

A. C. albicans cells of the indicated genotype were co-cultured with RAW264.7 macrophages for five hours. Cytotoxicity was determined by release of LDH, calculated as described in Materials and Methods. B. Killing of C. albicans by the immune cells was determined through an end point dilution assay in which serially dilutions of C. albicans cells were co-cultured with the RAW264.7 macrophages and colony formation was observed 24–48 hours after initiation of the experiment. Percent survival was calculated as described in Materials and Methods. Statistical analysis on the data was performed using a one way anova, followed by Tukey's multiple comparison; asterisks indicate p<0.05 compared to the other conditions. Results are the average of three replicate experiments.