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Brain weight generated per gestation day is considerably greater for high-GI than low-GI species.

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posted on 2014-11-18, 04:58 authored by Eric Lewitus, Iva Kelava, Alex T. Kalinka, Pavel Tomancak, Wieland B. Huttner

(A) Density plot showing the frequency of occurrence of the 96 eutherian species listed in Table S1 (omitting C. volans) with GI values of ≤1.5 (blue) and >1.5 (red) as a function of ln-transformed brain weight generated per gestation day. Note that the smallest values for brain weight per gestation day are found only in the low-GI group, while the largest values are found only in the high-GI group, but that the mean values for the two groups is also significantly different (dashed blue and red lines, T = 5.16, degree of freedom [d.f.] = 41, p = 4×10−5). (B) Ln-transformed plot of brain weight generated per gestation day for the 96 mammalian species (see A). Dashed blue line, mean value for GI≤1.5 (−2.04±0.047, standard deviation [SD]); red dashed line, mean value for GI>1.5 (0.583±0.050, SD). Selected organisms are indicated. The colors of the various high-GI and low-GI species shown above and below the plot, respectively, indicate the taxonomic groups as shown in Figure 1; the sequence of high-GI and low-GI species from left to right is according to Table S1, column A, top to bottom. Brain weight per gestation day was calculated from the data shown in Table S1, columns C and M.