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Bacterial burdens in tissues are comparable between infected WT mice and p19G KO mice infected with LVS ID and IN.

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posted on 2014-10-08, 02:44 authored by Sherry L. Kurtz, Alicia Y. Chou, Klara Kubelkova, Daniel J. Cua, Karen L. Elkins

Groups of 3 WT mice or p19G KO mice were infected either ID with 105 LVS (A), or were anesthetized and infected with 2×103 LVS IN (B). Mice were sacrificed at the indicated time points, and lungs, livers, and spleens plated to enumerate CFU. There were no significant differences in organ burdens between WT mice and p19G KO mice for any organ at any time point. Results shown are representative of two experiments of similar design and outcome. p19M KO mice were also included in one experiment with similar results (data not shown).