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Antigen detection in CSF filtrates by ELISA.

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posted on 2012-09-12, 02:35 authored by Sagarika Haldar, Naveen Sankhyan, Neera Sharma, Anjali Bansal, Vitul Jain, V. K. Gupta, Monica Juneja, Devendra Mishra, Arti Kapil, Urvashi B. Singh, Sheffali Gulati, Veena Kalra, Jaya Sivaswami Tyagi

Scatter plots of GlcB, HspX, MPT51, Ag85B and PstS1 antigens (in 5 µl of CSF) showing ΔOD values. Using ROC curves generated from ΔOD values in CSF of ‘Definite’ TBM and NTIM group, ΔOD cut-off values at 0.095, 0.125, 0.1, 0.105 and 0.095 were selected for GlcB, HspX, MPT51, Ag85B and PstS1, respectively. The horizontal bar denotes the median value (black line in individual data sets) and the cut-off points (blue line across the plots).


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