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Antibody A06 therapy protects DBA/2 mice from death by 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza infection.

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posted on 2013-02-21, 00:40 authored by Arun K. Kashyap, John Steel, Adam Rubrum, Angeles Estelles, Raffaella Briante, Natalia A. Ilyushina, Li Xu, Ryann E. Swale, Aleksandr M. Faynboym, Pamela K. Foreman, Michael Horowitz, Lawrence Horowitz, Richard Webby, Peter Palese, Richard A. Lerner, Ramesh R. Bhatt

DBA/2 mice were infected with 3.3MLD50 of A/Netherlands/602/2009 and treated with a single administration of antibody A06 1 day (A) or 2 days (B) post-infection. Three different A06 concentrations were tested along with vehicle (PBS) and non-specific IgG controls. Animals were monitored for survival (left panels) and weight (right panels) over a 14 day period. Treatment groups (n = 5) are labeled as in Figure1B and 2C. Open blue squares- 25 mg/kg antibody A06, open red circles- 10 mg/kg antibody A06, open green triangles- 2.5 mg/kg antibody A06, black filled circles- PBS vehicle control, open orange diamonds- 25 mg/kg human IgG control.


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