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Analyses of QTL identified in the round-robin cross.

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posted on 08.01.2015, 03:29 authored by Sebastian Treusch, Frank W. Albert, Joshua S. Bloom, Iulia E. Kotenko, Leonid Kruglyak

(A) LOD score distribution of QTL detected in both of the MATa and MATα selections experiments compared to that of QTL only found in either of the two experiments. The majority of QTL that miss replication have LOD scores close to the threshold used to call QTL. (B) Histogram of the number of crosses per QTL group. Theoretically, assuming purely additive effects and perfect detection, each QTL should be observed in at least two crosses. (C) LOD scores of the QTL belonging to different classes of grouped QTL. Identification of QTL in only one cross is only partially explained by the lower LOD scores of this class of QTL (pearson correlation 0.417, p = 2.6×10−6).