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Ad-GFP/rEA improves antigen specific CD8+ and CD8- cellular responses.

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posted on 2010-03-08, 00:07 authored by Daniel M. Appledorn, Yasser A. Aldhamen, William DePas, Sergey S. Seregin, Chyong-Jy J. Liu, Nathan Schuldt, Darin Quach, Dionisia Quiroga, Sarah Godbehere, Igor Zlatkin, Sungjin Kim, J. Justin McCormick, Andrea Amalfitano

At 14 dpi, splenocytes from vaccinated C57BL/6 (1×107 total vps) (A) or Balb/c (1×108 total vps) (B) mice were equivalently pooled (N = 3 mice per treatment) and CD8+ cells were depleted using magnetic beads and IFNγ ELISpot analyses were completed. %SFC that are CD8- = (#SFCs CD8 dep/#SFCs CD8+)*100. This experiment was repeated two independent times with the same result.