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A comprehensive process of subretinal injection via the arched micro-injector (ARCMI).

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posted on 2014-08-11, 02:53 authored by Yong Sung You, Chang Yeol Lee, Chengguo Li, Sung Ho Lee, Kibom Kim, Hyungil Jung

(A) The ARCMI penetrates the ocular curves by passing through a trocar cannula, which is used as a surgical aid for protection from ocular tissue damage in ophthalmology. The ARCMI can then be glided up to the target site at the retinal region of posterior segment of the eye. (B) Magnified image of subretinal insertion of indocyanine green via ARCMI. ARCMI slides along the retinal surface to reduce retinal tissue damage. Indocyanine green was injected into the subretinal target site.