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ARFGAP1 association with lipid droplets upon oleate addition is transient.

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posted on 2014-11-14, 03:18 authored by Joan Gannon, Julia Fernandez-Rodriguez, Hussam Alamri, Shi Bo Feng, Fariba Kalantari, Sarita Negi, Amy H. Y. Wong, Alexander Mazur, Lennart Asp, Ali Fazel, Ayat Salman, Anthoula Lazaris, Peter Metrakos, John J. M. Bergeron, Tommy Nilsson

Indirect immunofluorescence of endogenous ARFGAP1 (red) in McA-RH7777 cells before and after incubation with oleate for various lengths of time. Lipid droplets were stained using Bodipy 493/503 (green). Enlarged regions of interest (ROI) are displayed on the right of each image. Bars  = 5µm.