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ZIKV isolates grown on mammalian and mosquito cells show phenotypic differences.

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posted on 2018-11-12, 18:36 authored by Lindsey A. Moser, Brendan T. Boylan, Fernando R. Moreira, Laurel J. Myers, Emma L. Svenson, Nadia B. Fedorova, Brett E. Pickett, Kristen A. Bernard

A) ZIKV-PRV, ZIKV-PAN, ZIKV-FLR, and ZIKV-MR-766 stocks grown on either Vero mammalian or C6/36 mosquito cells were plaqued on Vero cells and visualized with neutral red staining 4–5 days after inoculation. B) The area of 30–50 individual plaques was measured for each isolate of ZIKV using ImageJ.