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posted on 2017-02-11, 11:21 authored by Bianca KramerBianca Kramer, Jeroen BosmanJeroen Bosman
Set of of research practices that could be part of an Open Science workflow, covering preparation, discovery, analysis, writing, publication, outreach and assessment. 

These examples of open science practices were prepared for and collected at several workshops in 2016, with researchers, funders, publishers, citizen scientists, librarians, university administrators, tool and platform developers, government officials, and other stakeholders in scholarly communication. 

Practices are also available as fileset with separate images, and editable powerpoint slides. This 'Wheel of Open Science' visualization is also available as editable pptx. All items are collected in the Figshare collection 'Open Science practices'. 

A link to a Google sheet listing a larger collection of research practices (including all these open science practices) is provided below. 

This work is part of the project 'Innovations in Scholarly Communication'

The Wheel of Open Science practices is also available as interactive animation (link below)