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Variation within tRNA gene arrays.

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posted on 2022-10-10, 17:56 authored by Michael E. H. Matson, Qihua Liang, Stefano Lonardi, Howard S. Judelson

A, Sequence variation within array of genes encoding tRNAleu (AAG anticodon) on Chr9. The genotype of each copy (ellipses) is color-coded according to the sequences in the alignment, in which bases diverging from the genome-wide consensus are colored. The hashmark on the chromosome represents a gap in the assembly. B, same as panel A but showing genes encoding tRNAmet (CAT anticodon) on Chr8 and Chr12. C, same as panel A but for a representative portion of the array encoding tRNAtrp (CCA anticodon) on Chr1. As illustrated below the chromosome, this tRNA occurs as part of a trimeric repeat encoding tRNAser, tRNAtrp, tRNAthr. Variation within the ser- and thr tRNAs is not shown.