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Use of PF06260933 and CA409 in HCMV infected cells.

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posted on 2018-07-26, 17:50 authored by Blair L. Strang, Christopher R. M. Asquith, Hanan F. Moshrif, Catherine M-K Ho, William J. Zuercher, Hassan Al-Ali

(A and B) Structure of PF06260933 and CA409, respectively. (C and D) Western blotting of PF06260933 and CA409 treated infected cells. HFF cells were infected with AD169 at an MOI of 1, then treated with either 10μM PF06260933, CA409 or the equivalent volume of DMSO at the time of infection. Uninfected cell lysate (lane 1) was prepared for western blotting at the time of infection and infected cell lysate was prepared at 72 hours post infection (h.p.i.) (lanes 2 and 3). Treatment of cells is indicated above the figure. Proteins recognized by the antibodies used are indicated to the right of the figure. The positions of molecular mass markers (kDa) are indicated to the left of the figure. The numbers in white represent the relative band intensity relative to the β-action band in the same lane. In (B) different panels originate from the same exposure of a single membrane to film.