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UDCA-LPE inhibits IL-6 mediated CTGF induction in HSC.

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posted on 2018-05-24, 17:54 authored by Johannes Maximilian Ludwig, Yuling Zhang, Walee Chamulitrat, Wolfgang Stremmel, Anita Pathil

A) CTGF mRNA expression of HSC treated with IL-6 (10 ng/ml), TGF-β (4 ng/ml) ± UDCA-LPE (50/90 μM) were quantified by qRT-PCR. B) Western blot analysis of HSC treated with IL-6 (10 ng/ml) ± UDCA-LPE (50/90 μM): CTGF (20h), Stat-3 (1h), (p-)SMAD 2 (Ser 465/467) & (p-)SMAD 3 (Ser 423/425) (1h). All experiments have been performed in triplicates or quadruplets. Representative Western Blots are shown. Bars represent mean values ±SD. p-values: *** p < 0.001; ** p < 0.01.