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Trend graphics of time-related mortality risk factor parameters.

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posted on 2021-08-05, 17:29 authored by Meltem Kilercik, Özlem Demirelce, Muhittin Abdulkadir Serdar, Parvana Mikailova, Mustafa Serteser

Abbreviations: Black line: Non-critical survivors, Blue line: Critical-survivors, Red line: Non-survivors. Trends of CBC-Diff parameters over 30 Critical-non-survivors days of hospitalisation in mild/moderate, severe, non-survivor patients. 30 days of hospitalisation refers to Day 0 and the next days after admission. The reference range is displayed by the green dotted horizontal line. NLR: Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio, MNR: Monocyte neutrophil ratio, RDW-CV: Red Blood Cell Distribution Width-CV, PLT: Platelet (x103).