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Theoretical photoreceptor activation for the studied devices in the three filtering states (uncoated, transmissive and absorptive) as a function of each photoreceptor wavelength maximum sensitivity (λmax).

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posted on 2020-11-05, 18:33 authored by Maria Angeles Bonmati-Carrion, Javier Padilla, Raquel Arguelles-Prieto, Anna M. Österholm, John R. Reynolds, Juan Antonio Madrid, Maria Angeles Rol

Averaged theoretical photoreceptor activation (CIE α-opic log photon irradiance, log quanta/cm2/s) under control (N = 1), absorptive (N = 11) and transmissive (N = 11) filter states: rods (rhodopic, λmax = 510 nm), S-cones (cyanopic, λmax = 445 nm), melanopsin retinal ganglion cells (melanopic, λmax = 490 nm), M-cones (chloropic, λmax = 555 nm) and L-cones (erythropic, λmax = 570 nm).