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The formalin-fixed γδ T cells were as effective as live γδ T cells in inhibition of Foxp3 T cell response.

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posted on 17.05.2018, 08:15 by Dongchun Liang, Jeong-Im Woo, Hui Shao, Willi K. Born, Rebecca L. O'Brien, Henry J. Kaplan, Deming Sun

In a 24-well plate, αβ responder T cells (1 x 106/well] isolated from immunized TCR-δ-/- mice were cultured in IL-2-containing medium (1 ng/ml) for 5 days with (7B-7D) or without (7A) addition of γδ T cells–either alive (7B) or formalin-fixed (7C&D) and in the absence (Fig 7A–7C) or presence (Fig 7D) of an A2AR antagonist (SCH58261, 100nM). Results shown are from a single experiment and are representative of three experiments.