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The C-terminal region of MUT-16 is necessary for Mutator foci formation.

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posted on 2018-07-23, 17:26 authored by Celja J. Uebel, Dorian C. Anderson, Lisa M. Mandarino, Kevin I. Manage, Stephan Aynaszyan, Carolyn M. Phillips

(A) Table indicates whether MUT-16 foci are present or absent in each mut-16 deletion strain. Yes indicates foci present in the majority of animals, No indicates foci absent or severely disrupted, and Weak (for ΔC) indicates an intermediate phenotype where the fluorescence intensity of cytoplasmic MUT-16 appeared reduced relative to the other deletion lines. (B-E) Live imaging of MUT-16::mCherry expression and localization for control strain (B) or when ΔC (C), ΔL (D), or ΔE-I (E) deletions have been introduced into the mut-16::mCherry strain. Scale bars, 5μm. (F) MUT-16 western blot to assess protein levels in full-length and mut-16 deletion strains. Expected sizes for MUT-16::mCherry::2xHA are 148 kD (full-length), 139 kD (ΔA), 137 kD (ΔB), 134 kD (ΔC), 138 kD (ΔD), 137 kD (ΔE), 138 kD (ΔF), 141 kD (ΔG), 132 kD (ΔH-I), 135 kD (ΔJ), 141 kD (ΔK), 138 kD (ΔL), 105 kD (ΔE-I), and 85 kD (ΔE-K). Approximately 200 synchronous adult animals were loaded per lane and actin was used as a loading control.