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Reconstitution of IFN-γ responsiveness upon the expression of cDNA1

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posted on 2011-12-30, 17:30 authored by J. Stitz, P. O. Krutzik, G. P. Nolan

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Taken from "Screening of retroviral cDNA libraries for factors involved in protein phosphorylation in signaling cascades"

Nucleic Acids Research 2005;33(4):e39-e39.

Published online 24 Feb 2005


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2. () Detection of pStat1 in unstimulated and IFN-γ-stimulated cells transduced with BMN-I-GFP and BMN-I-GFP-cDNA1.2, respectively. Numbers represent the percentage of cells within each quadrant. () Western-blot analysis of cell lysates of wt U937, naive U937 clone #10.13, BMN-I-GFP transduced #10.13 and BMN-I-GFP-cDNA1.2 transduced unstimulated cells (−) and after IFN-γ stimulation (+). Antibodies raised against Stat1 (upper panel) and pStat1 (pY701; lower panel).