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Quantification of complement deposition on pneumococci recovered from the lungs of cirrhotic and control rats 15 min after infection with 1 × 10cfu of ATCC 6303

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posted on 31.12.2011, 10:54 by Katie L Propst-Graham, Laurel C Preheim, Elizabeth A Vander Top, Mary U Snitily, Martha J Gentry-Nielsen

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Taken from "Cirrhosis-induced defects in innate pulmonary defenses against "


BMC Microbiology 2007;7():94-94.

Published online 23 Oct 2007


Flow cytometry was used to determine: (A) – percentage of pneumococci positive for bound C3; (B) – mean fluorescent intensity of pneumococci with bound C3; and (C) – deposition index calculated by multiplying the percentage of pneumococci positive for C3 by their fluorescent intensity. Both the mean fluorescent intensity (*: = 0.04) and deposition index (**: = 0.01) were significantly lower for organisms recovered from the lungs of cirrhotic vs. control rats.


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