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Overexpression of MOV10 and knockdown of Dicer.

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posted on 2021-11-23, 18:29 authored by Balakumar Srinivasan, Sarbani Samaddar, Sivaram V. S. Mylavarapu, James P. Clement, Sourav Banerjee

(A) Myc-tagged MOV10 was transfected in hippocampal neurons (DIV 15) as detected by western blot analysis (DIV 21) using antibody against Myc. See also Fig 10. (B) Hippocampal neurons (DIV 14) were transduced with lentivirus expressing shRNA against Dicer or control shRNA. Photomicrograph showing effective knockdown of Dicer (DIV 24) as detected by western blot analysis using antibody against Dicer. See data for Fig 13. The data underlying this figure are available at DIV, days in vitro; IB, immunoblot.