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Model output for the proton motive force (pmf), ΔΨ and ΔpH.

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posted on 2016-03-24, 06:45 authored by Cherryl O. Talaue, Ricardo C. H. del Rosario, Friedhelm Pfeiffer, Eduardo R. Mendoza, Dieter Oesterhelt

The dynamics of the variables are plotted for a short interval (A) and a long interval (B). Lines labeled EN: electroneutral model using set EN5 in Table 2. Lines labeled EG: electrogenic model using parameter set EG1 in Table 3. 58ΔpH: ΔpH converted to mV for comparison with ΔΨ and pmf. At the last time point in (A), the electroneutral model has reached the following percentage of the steady state values: 87% of the pmf, 89% of ΔΨ and 80% of 58ΔpH, while the electrogenic model has reached 92% of the pmf, 96% of ΔΨ and 86% of 58ΔpH. The short interval (A) was plotted in logarithmic scale in Fig A in S1 File to show when the jumps in values occurred.