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MOESM6 of Development and characterization of stable anaerobic thermophilic methanogenic microbiomes fermenting switchgrass at decreasing residence times

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posted on 2018-09-06, 05:00 authored by Xiaoyu Liang, Jason Whitham, Evert Holwerda, Xiongjun Shao, Liang Tian, Yu-Wei Wu, Vincent Lombard, Bernard Henrissat, Dawn Klingeman, Zamin Yang, Mircea Podar, Tom Richard, James Elkins, Steven Brown, Lee Lynd
Additional file 6: Figure S3. MapBin. Plot indicating the completeness and contamination distribution of bins that can or cannot be mapped. X-axis indicates completeness ratio (%) while Y-axis means contamination ratio (%). Black dots are bins that can be mapped; gray ones are bins that cannot.


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