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Location and time of observations.

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posted on 2018-05-17, 08:45 authored by Nuno Gonçalo Ferreira Cordeiro, Jesus Dubert, Rita Nolasco, Eric Desmond Barton

a) Study area, with gray line representing the SeaSoar path and gray dots the CTD stations. Zonal CTD transect (black lines) numbers 1 to 9 are indicated at their western end. Stars represent the position of Puertos del Estado Buoy (green), moored ADCP (blue) and Castro Vicaludo meteorological station (red). IP labels the Iberian Peninsula. The 100-m and 200-m bathymetric are shown in dark thin lines. b) Time-series with latitude of the numbered transects (black lines) and indication of the day of the satellite image (gray lines). c) precipitation at Castro Vicaludo Meteorological station and river Minho outflow, d) Hourly meridional winds from WRF simulation at the moored ADCP location and stick plot of filtered winds registered on the research vessel meteorologic station. e) 33-hour filtered meridional winds from WRF simulation and barotropic meridional currents from the moored ADCP.